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Six Factors To Consider When Buying Commercial Artificial Grass
Commercial artificial grass is very popular nowadays, either as a low-maintenance alternative to a real lawn or as the covering for sports pitches, children's play areas or mini-golf courses. Once somewhat frowned upon as cheap-looking and tacky, this material has evolved to the point where, more often than not, it is now realistic enough to pass for the real thing.

This is, in no small part, due to the method of production which goes into the average modern commercial artificial grass roll. This article will detail the six main factors to consider when assessing the quality of a standard turf carpet, and how each of them contribute to give the material its realistic look and feel, as well as its famed endurance and ease of maintenance.

Pile Height

Pile height refers to the maximum height of the artificial blades on the carpet. This varies depending on the type of carpet and the purpose it will be used for. Landscaping commercial artificial grass, for instance (the type usually seen in back gardens) tends to have blades between 1.5'' and 2'' in height, while in athletic turf this average increases to between 2.25'' and 3''. Putting green grass and pet grass tend to have shorter blades, a maximum of 1.5'' in height. Pile height is directly related to how much wear and tear the carpet exhibits over time, though it is not the only factor impacting this.

Face Weight

Face weight refers to the amount of yarn used per square yard in a roll of commercial artificial grass. The more yarn is used, the denser the carpet will be, and the softer it will feel underfoot. Once again, however, face weight is not the only factor determining turf softness; pile height and yarn type should also be taken into consideration.

Backing Weight

Backing weight, as the name indicates, refers to the density of the primary and secondary layers of backing. Primary backing is the material through which the artificial grass blades are punched, and usually consists of two layers; secondary backing refers to the coating applied to the blades to increase their durability and reinforce their binding, which in the case of commercial artificial grass is usually done with polyurethane. The weight of these two components put together gives backing weight, which for a standard roll of commercial artificial grass will usually be around 26 to 28 ounces.

Total Weight

The sum of backing weight and face weight determines a roll of turf's total weight. Again, buyers might want to go for a sturdier carpet as opposed to a thinner one, as it is likely to last longer and suffer less wear and tear.

Roll Width

Along with weight and pile height, roll width is an important factor which determines the effectiveness of a turf carpet. Commercial artificial grass rolls tend to be either 15'' or 12.5'' wide, and while the first may make for an easier installation, the latter is preferred for narrower areas. Buying the right width can often spell the difference between an effective, quick, waste-free installation job and a lot of unnecessarily-spent money, so customers are advised to discuss this aspect with the retailer prior to purchase.


The final aspect to consider when purchasing a roll of commercial artificial grass has nothing to do with measurements; rather, it involves the type of yarn used in the making of the carpet. Commercial artificial grass is usually made out of one of three types of yarn: nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene. The latter is known for being the most versatile and balanced, making it the material of choice in most modern turf carpets, while the former is the most porous, making it unsuitable for pet grass, for example. Polypropylene is mostly used in putting greens, and both it and nylon also commonly see use as thatch layers in landscaping turf.

It is the combination of these factors which determines the overall quality of a roll of commercial artificial carpet; prospective buyers should, therefore, take care to assess and enquire about all of them when planning a purchase artificial grass liverpool .